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Salopette X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 Bike - Nero verde
Salopette X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 Bike - Nero verde


X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 Bike bib shorts - Black green

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Technical information

The X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 G2 Bike Bibshort is a very durable garment that offers superior control for your musculature. The bib shorts are treated with different technologies that optimize the management of body temperature, such as the Neuro-Response effect which allows the muscles to react faster and more coordinated or the exclusive X-Bionic Partialkompression which maximizes its sporting potential thanks to the compression that puts pressure on the skin. Its breathable fabric helps to eliminate moisture reducing the risk of overheating.

  • 37ºC CCR-Technology: X-Technology's 37ºC (98.6ºF) CCR technology helps your body regulate its temperature and allows your body to have energy reserves. It keeps you warm when you are cold and cools when you sweat.
  • 3D Bionic Sphere System ThermoSyphon Technology: The patented ThermoSyphon structure adds an extra dimension to the special properties of the Bionic Sphere 3D system: the Y elements support natural thermodynamics and therefore improve sweat management.
  • Endurance4000FX Bike Pad: Loss of performance due to limited comfort is reason enough to effectively protect your glutes from pain and chafing. X-Bionic offers the perfect interface between body and saddle with the Bike Pad Endurance4000FX.
  • Innerlap AirConditioning Zone: The air permeability increases in this area through the Innerlap Air Conditioning Zone, the insulation layer is reduced, so the air conditioning is strengthened by the air exchange.
  • Intercooler: 3D construction that collects perspiration in the upper part of the thighs and keeps it on the skin to allow it to evaporate perfectly. In between periods of exertion, Intercooler technology sits in a wavy structure in the muscle to provide insulation. Blocked air protects the muscles from overcooling.
  • Neural-Response-Bandage: The neural-response bandage exerts specific pressure on muscle fixation, prepares the receptors for action and improves muscle work.
  • Neural-Response-Effect: The X-Bionic Partialkompression puts the peripheral nerve cells in a constant state of 'fight or flight' through a constant stimulus. They react quickly to stimulation, increasing muscle contractions and reactions.
  • Sweat Traps: Large sweat traps, ergonomically placed based on laboratory tests, prevent moisture dripping and provide active cooling.
  • Two-Step Front 3D Bionic Sphere System: The high-tech fabric technology ensures optimal support and optimal climate comfort in the shorts. The construction of ribs and various surfaces can resolve the conflict between support and the transport of moisture and heat.
  • X-Bionic Partialkompression: selective pressure is applied on 1 mm wide ridges. To the left and right of the crest is an area that is not compressed, where the compression could have a negative effect on blood circulation to the skin. In this way, the blood flow through the veins and capillaries is not impeded.
  • Color: opal black/effektor green.

X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 Bike bib shorts - Black green

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