Fulcrum Racing Zero DB Competizione C19 2WF disc AFS wheels

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Fulcrum Racing Zero DB Competition C19 2WF disc AFS wheels. The Racing Zero family, the flagship of the Fulcrum brand, is enriched with the CMPTZN DB model. The improvement of one of the most solid and reactive wheels on the market was achieved thanks to the use of CULT bearings and the classic 2: 1 pattern with double-thickness oversized aluminum elements. CULT ™ bearings (CERAMIC ULTIMATE LEVEL TECHNOLOGY ™) are made using special steel for bearing races. It is a material with very high resistance to corrosion that allows the spheres to be lubricated with a thin layer of oil instead of normal grease. The highest quality ceramic balls, thanks to the absence of lubricating grease and the precision of the bearings working, allow to drastically reduce the friction coefficient, consequently increasing the smoothness of the wheels by as much as 9 times compared to standard solutions. This means that CULT ™ bearings keep higher speeds and save the athlete valuable energy. The other key element of this wheel are the spokes, which are sometimes mistakenly considered the least valuable piece of the wheel, and for this they deserve further study. The Racing Zero CMPTZN DB wheel maintains the Fulcrum 2: 1 spoking, 14 spokes are arranged on the side of the maximum torque, 7 on the opposite side (differently between front and rear), a design that guarantees a behavior symmetrical to the wheel despite the asymmetrical structure, thus making it very reactive. The spokes are produced starting from an aluminum bar that is pressed and then turned to obtain the correct shape for the head that will be screwed to the hub and to the nipple, maintaining however an aerodynamic profile for the rest of the surface. The rear hub, made from a single piece of monolithic aluminum, optimizes torsional rigidity and ensures efficient power transmission and system integrity. The front hub, on the other hand, is not subjected to torsional stresses coming from the transmission and, therefore, it is made lighter by introducing carbon fiber between the two flanges. Both the front and rear hubs have oversize flanges to optimize the angles of the 21 aerodynamic aluminum spokes of each wheel. The aluminum rim, worked entirely in Italy, stands out for its unmistakable design and has a 30 mm profile: the ideal choice for lightness and maneuverability. This wheel maintains 2-Way Fit ™ technology, now a must for Fulcrum, which allows it to mount clinchers or tubeless tires without the need to add any rim-tape thanks to the internal channel completely devoid of holes. At the same time, the Mo Mag ™ technology allows the nipples, once inserted inside the rim through the valve hole, to be "guided" to the coupling point with the spoke using a magnet. Through this simple trick, it is possible to obtain a wheel without holes on the upper deck, but with spoke rounded by traditional nipples. The 19 mm width with 2-Way Fit ™ profile allows tubeless mounting from 23mm up to the widest sizes. Lastly, special attention was paid to the weight and look of the wheel, whose minimal design helped to achieve this dual objective: an extremely elegant wheel lightened even by giving up stickers, but created using different surface finish treatments that give it the accativante black on black effect. Thanks to all these innovations, the CMPTZ model joins with extreme personality the Racing ZERO DB model, whose restyling was presented at Eurobike, characterized by the new optimized 12mm pin (both front and rear - as for the Racing Zero CMPTZN DB), with updated graphics through the use of reflective adhesives while maintaining all the substance that distinguishes the Fulcrum range.

  • Type of tire 2-Way Fit ™ Ready (prepared for clincher / tubeless).
  • Tire size 28 ".
  • Category ASTM 2.
  • Weight 1570 g.
  • Rim material Aluminum.
  • Details of the rim material Aluminum (6082, T6), triple milling.
  • Low profile height.
  • Front and rear edge height: 30 mm.
  • Rim width 23.8 mm.
  • Inner circle width (channel) 19 mm.
  • Braking system Disc brake.
  • Braking surface / AFS brake options.
  • Front axle compatibility HH12-100.
  • HH12-142 rear axle compatibility.
  • Front wheel 21 spokes, Two-to-one ™ (14 left + 7 right).
  • Spokes of the rear wheels 21, Two-to-one ™ (7 on the left + 14 on the right).
  • Spokes: Aluminum material.
  • Spokes: Aero profile technology, straight head.
  • Aluminum Nipple.
  • Front carbon hub, oversize aluminum flange.
  • Rear aluminum hub, oversize aluminum flange.
  • CULT bearings ceramic bearings.
  • Others Plasma treatment on the body of HG FW; Aluminum axle.
  • Weight limit (system) 120 kg (cyclist, bike, equipment and bags).
  • FWB HG11 version.

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Fulcrum Racing Zero DB Competizione C19 2WF disc AFS wheels

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