CAUTION this product is no more available, please proceed with the website navigation otherwise click here to return to the home page.
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CAUTION this product is no more available, please proceed with the website navigation otherwise click here to return to the home page.

The orders will be shipped within 24-72 hours since the reception of the payment.
The shipping and delivery timing vary according to the chosen shipping method and the parcel weight.
Please take a look at our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Shipping charges are free for the states listed below, beyond the amount shown:

- Italy - EUR 100,00
- Austria - EUR 200,00
- Belgium - EUR 200,00
- Denmark - EUR 200,00
- Finland - EUR 200,00
- France - EUR 200,00
- Germany - EUR 200,00
- Greece - EUR 200,00
- United Kingdom - EUR 200,00
- Ireland - EUR 200,00
- Luxembourg - EUR 200,00
- Netherlands - EUR 200,00
- Portugal - EUR 200,00
- Monaco - EUR 200,00
- Spain - EUR 200,00
- Sweden - EUR 200,00

How to return a product that you ordered from our online store
If you want to return a product ordered on our online store asking for a substitution with another size/product or a refund, no problem, you can ship it back to our company within 30 days from the date of its delivery by following some simple instructions.

- After logging in, go inside your account page and view the order containing the product that you want to return us;
- Create an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number by clicking on the link named 'Need to return this product?' near the product you desire to return us;
- Package the product to return us together with all its original tags/labels and the return form, download it HERE;
- Write the assigned RMA number on the outside of the box/envelope and send it to the following address:

Lunar Sport S.r.l.
Viale Borri, 311
21100 Varese

- The refund or the shipping-back of the exchanged product will be managed upon the receipt of the returned merchandise to our company.
- We don't charge shipping for sending back an exchanged product to you.

- Send your package using a traceable shipping method, so that we can track it if there are any problems;
- Substitutions: to ensure availability, please specify the desired size/item in the comments field;
- All the tags/labels shouldn't be removed from any product, original clothing bags should be retained;
- Return the product in packaging that will offer adequate protection;
- Make sure not to use strong perfumes or deodorants when trying on an item that you may return.

- Contact us through our contacts page;
- Call us at +39 0332 1692250

Thank you for your attention!

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