X-Bionic SphereWind Pro Biking Vest - Black red

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X-Bionic SphereWind Pro Biking Vest - Black red
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X-Bionic X-Bionic SphereWind Pro Biking Vest - Black red


X-Bionic SphereWind Pro Biking Vest - Black red

TECHNOID APPROACH, AMAZING EFFECT. SphereWind® Pro stands for shelter layer in its lightest form. The PRO series of SphereWind® jackets and vests is made of a new, nano-coated material and is specially designed to fit into the back pockets of a shirt. The consistent evolutionary form of the award-winning SphereWind® jacket has noticeably more lightness and flexibility thanks to innovative material. Experience unrestricted freedom of movement and an extremely low packed size. Your SphereWind® Pro advantage: more performance and fun, even if the weather makes it difficult for you.

  • 6-Dimensional Elasticity.
  • The material is abrasion-resistant and flexible and also extremely tear-resistant – the sturdy fabric, therefore, has excellent protection from damage. For outstanding freedom of movement in any situation. Despite its incredible elasticity, the fabric keeps the wind and weather out.
  • Diffuser / MicroDiffuser.
  • Usually warm, most air is trapped in a shirt or jacket and cannot escape, especially when the collar is closed. The MicroDiffuser on the collar and the cuff has the same structure but is made of finer, precise ducts. The MicroDiffuser on the cuff additionally creates a highly comfortable band on the sleeve. The diffuser constructions allow continued ventilation during physical activity.
  • 3D ­Bionic Sphere® System.
  • Leaves residual moisture on the skin that the body does not interpret as dampness. We have no sensors for sweat. We can only perceive sweat mechanically once drops form and begin to trickle down. Only at that point do we register “wet”. Sweat Traps® absorb this moisture before it is felt, drawing it away to be evaporated and disposing of it through thermal dynamics. Only a thin film of moisture remains on the skin. Cooling is of course not possible without moisture.
  • Main Fabric 1: 100% Polyamide.
  • Main Fabric 2: 82% Polyamide.
  • Main Fabric 2: 18% Elastane.
  • Insert seamless: 65% Polyamide.
  • Insert seamless: 27% Polypropylene.
  • Insert seamless: 8% Elastane.
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