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Wahoo indoor simulator KICKR CLIMB

With the latest innovation from Wahoo, indoor training is literally level! The KICKR CLIMB slope simulator works exclusively with the new KICKR and KICKR SNAP and, when coupled, adds slope changes to your indoor workout. The CLIMB is compatible with third-party apps, so, whether it's a bike ride on a virtual route or a structured workout, the KICKR CLIMB combines climbs and descents with resistance changes for a training experience indoor really addictive. The world is not flat, nor your pedaling! KICKR CLIMB IS COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH THE SMART WAHOO EDITION 2017 AND NEXT ROLLERS.

  • Maximum inclination: 20%.
  • Maximum negative inclination: -10%.
  • The exact grade varies depending on the size of the bicycle, the wheel and the type of roller.
  • Compatible rollers: New Wahoo KICKR (2017 version) and new KICKR SNAP (2017 version).
  • Metrics: Current slope.
  • Dimensions: 65.4 cm x L 17.8 cm x D 12.9 cm.
  • Supported hubs: QR, 12x100, 15x100, 15x110.
  • Wireless software updates: Yes.
  • Compatibility with third-party apps: yes, if paired with a KICKR or KICKR SNAP.
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