Tunap chain wax - 125 ml

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Tunap chain wax - 125 ml


Cover those kilometres without any worries or spend weeks cruising through the city. The TUNAP Sports chain wax protects the drive over a long period against wear, without having to re-lubricate. The innumerable tiny PTFE particles in the chain spray creep into the chain and ensure lubrication while the wax basis seals the drive parts and applies a protective film around them. In this way everything remains clean; dirt cannot stick to parts. A tip from a professional: First lubricate with chain oil, then seal using wax – the perfect long-term chain care solution.


  • 1. Thoroughly clean the chain free of old oil residues with TUNAP drive cleaner then dry with a cloth.
  • 2. Shake the chain wax tin strongly (10-15s). Point the spray head at the chain.
  • 3. During spraying, turn the crank backwards until the chain has run right through once.Repeat the action so that the whole chain is sufficiently supplied with chain wax.
  • 4. Allow to work for five to ten seconds. Then wipe the chain off with a rag lightly.
  • Content: 125 ml.
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