Shimano S-Phyre socks - White



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Shimano S-Phyre socks - White


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Shimano Shimano S-Phyre socks - White


Shimano S-Phyre socks - White

All socks are the same, right? But what if a sock could make a shoe better? S-PHYRE believes it can. By looking at the shoe/sock interface and applying Shimano Linkage Effect approach, S-PHYRE socks combine thermoregulation, comfort, ankle roll stability, and heel slip-resistance with an extra-tall cuff that’s guaranteed not to droop. Asymmetrical structural weaving of proprietary fabrics provides guiderails for proper foot alignment through the entire 360-degree crank rotation. And you thought a sock was just a sock. By the way, they look great with S-PHYRE shoes, and work even better too.

  • System engineered.
  • Ankle guides.
  • Anti-slip pad.
  • Temperature control.
  • Perfect with rc9.
  • Material: 58% polyamide, 34% polyester, 8% elastane.
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