Q36.5 Termica X jacket - Black



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Q36.5 Termica X jacket - Black


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Q36.5 Q36.5 Termica X jacket - Black


Q36.5 Termica X jacket - Black

Q36.5 Termica X Jacket is the heavy duty piece in the Essential Collection, a real warrior made to do battle during winter high intensity training. It’s origins stem from the 80’s when “Termica” jackets were favoured by Pros in the peloton as their essential piece for weather protection. Q36.5 has improved on the original, designing a modern piece for intense training. The Termica Jacket X is designed with a special construction that incorporates different fabrics throughout the jacket – all strategically placed based on our body mapping thermo-hydro comfort analysis research. We use our UF Thermal Shell 400gr/m2 for the chest and shoulder areas and the new UF Thermo Light 250gr/m2 for the sleeves. Both fabrics use an 18 micron hydrophilic porous membrane that allows vapour to get out but also protects from wind and water. Compared to the original Termica, we have greatly improved on the thermoregulation, allowing the jacket to react to the surrounding environment and respond to the reactions of the body. The adaptable and flexible barrier of the membrane adjusts intelligently and the insulating properties respond to temperature changes for optimum comfort no matter what the environment.
An important job of the Termica Jacket is to control heat loss. By choosing specific fabric blends placed strategically as well as focusing on proper cut, Q36.5 has successfully managed to reduce heat loss and maintain a more stabile body temperature: they call this breakthrough “Anti-Condensation Development”. This process boasts a high absorption/emission rate of moisture before it has time to change into sweat caused by condensation. The Anti-Condensation Development minimises the dangerous heat loss that condensation can cause in sub-zero and cold training conditions. The body generates natural heat during physical activity, creating a microclimate. The objective is to to keep this microclimate stable and use it, increasing the exchange of vapour before it turns into sweat. Collar design in a long sleeve winter shell jacket is of utmost importance. The collar is a strategic and fundamental piece of the Equipment and they focused on designing a specific, innovative collar with a special construction. Normally the collar is made with only one solid piece of fabric, however, Q36.5 has designed the Termica Jacket’s collar with four different pieces. The objective is to have a collar that follows the line of the body perfectly and ergonomically when in a riding position on the bike. The result is a zero pressure and hermetically sealed collar that creates a barrier to the chilly wind.
The jacket also features the Q36.5 proprietary invisible pocket system as well as an extra upper forearm pocket.

  • New Hermetic Barber Collar 2.0.
  • Laser raw cut sleeves.
  • Strategically placed reflective inserts – sleeve, back, side panels.
  • Laminated fabrics – UF Thermal Shell and UF Thermal Shell Light.
  • Full water repellency.
  • Body mapping 2.0.
  • 5 pockets.
  • Cam-lock waterproof zipper.
  • 20% more reflective inserts.
  • Colore: black.
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