Q36.5 Dottore Bib Shorts - Squalo



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Q36.5 Dottore Bib Shorts - Squalo


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Q36.5 Dottore Bib Shorts - Squalo

Il Dottore - the name is a reference to both the Salopette L1’s nickname of “the teacher” and to the almost mythological, sometimes notorious, figure of the professional cyclist’s personal doctor - fine-tunes and augments the Salopette L1’s ergogenic philosophy to become the definitive all-purpose, all-day, any-day, high performance cycling bib short of the future of competitive cycling.
The aerodynamics of the Salopette L1’s minimal construction (free of any frontal-facing seams) has been further augmented through the introduction of a jacquard woven pattern on the surface of the high-density fabric. The “Y-pattern” found across the surface of the legs of the shorts disrupts the surface of the air, reducing drag, and has been studied specifically for limbs which are in constant movement (unlike aerodynamic patterns found on helmets or arms or the bicycle frame itself) and thus needs to be effective in a full range of positions relative to the air it is “breaking”.
In 2016 Q36.5 has further enhanced the character of this unique choice through the introduction of a silver thread into the weft of the fabric used in two different panels of il dottore: the bottom 20 cm of the legs and the lumbar support panel (which supports the gluteus, the largest human muscle). In this case the pure silver thread’s greatest performance advantage is not given by its anti-bacterial or conductive qualities but by it qualities of protection from electrostatic and magnetic interference (the so-called “electrosmog” pollution of electromagnetic radiation resulting from wireless technology and mains electricity). The protection offered by the silver thread from these waves allow the active muscles to operate with less “distractions”, further refining the ergogenic function of Q36.5’s high density woven fabrics.

  • The Salopette L1 was the first bib short in the world to use both sewn and thermo-moulded padding technologies in a single chamois, fusing the best of both into a single design: 120kg/m³ highest density open cell foam is cut and sewn for the perineal (front) area, where the most flexibility and breathability is required while ‘smooth’ multidensity thermo-moulded pads are used for the ischial (rear) area, where flexibility is at less of a premium, compared to support and padding.
  • TUBULAR BRACE SYSTEM which provides a softer and more anatomic fitting and removes all seams from contact with the body for greater comfort.
  • Materials: 61% polyamide 6.6, 36% elastane, 2% silver, 1% carbon fibre (PAC).
  • Weight: 160g.
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