Returns for orders placed before April 20

To return one or more items purchased before April 20, 2021, please complete the following form.

Payment method

Choose the payment method used for the order. The refund will be made on the same payment methods chosen at the time of purchase. In case of bank transfer, it is necessary to indicate the IBAN number on which you wish to receive the refund.

For a safe return

- Ship the return using a package (parcel or envelope) that offers adequate protection for the product.
- Include in the package a reference to the order you are returning.
- La confezione originale del prodotto deve essere preservata.  
- Use a different packaging for shipping.
- All tags/labels must not be removed from the product and the original packaging must be kept.
- Do not use perfumes or deodorants when wearing a product that you could return.
- Use a shipping method that is traceable in case of any problems with the courier.

Please note

- All4cycling reserves the right to check the state of care of the returned product before starting the refund procedure.In the absence of the original packaging and tags / labels, 20% of the value of the product will be withheld from the refund
- The used or damaged product cannot be refunded.
- The return shipping costs are charged to the customer.
- The resolution method is the refund.
- The refund will be made within 7 working days of receipt and verification of the returned product.
- The refund will be made with the same payment methods chosen during the order, for any other preferential or requested method, it is advisable to write a comment in the notes.
- In case of cash on delivery it is suggested to indicate the IBAN for the refund.

For non-EU returns

Write obligatory and clearly visible on the outside of the package RETURNED GOODS - FAILED SALE . The same must be repeated in the customs declarations CN22 and / or CN23. Failure to affix the aforementioned sentence could lead to the impossibility of receiving the return and its return to the sender. When shipping, do not attach the invoice sent with the original order to the return, but declare the value of the individual returned goods.

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