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La Fonte Hd Ergonomic Pad

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La Fonte La Fonte Hd Ergonomic Pad


La Fonte Hd Ergonomic Pad

La Fonte Hd Ergonomic Pad

  • Model: Hd Ergonomic (Man);
  • Studied specifically for men;
  • HD Ergonomic is the pad for the rider who needs high technical bike wear;
  • Tested and improved together with professional teams like Acqua & Sapone 2010, the HD Ergonomic offers maximum comfort on the long tracks. It is conceived with high density and multi level;
  • Thickness foams to grant the best impact protection and weight distribution on the saddle;
  • The central channel assures less pressure on the perineal area;
  • The pad has shaped wings to improve the garment fitting and comfort. There are no superficial seams to avoid abrasions;
  • For a better moisture management it is available also with the new TRS foam with 5mm perforation.
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