Enve M7 35.0 Low-rise MTB bar



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Manufacturer code: N00517010


Enve M7 35.0 Low-rise MTB bar

An exceptionally strong carbon fiber 35mm riser bar, that’s built to descend. It is available in 10, 25 and 40mm rise options.
Gravity riding demands a wide and stiff platform for control and instant response, but not so stiff that it punishes hands and arms on long, rough descents. Our 35mm clamp diameter mountain bar combines the DNA of our famous DH bar and the smooth aesthetics of our classic riser for a best-in-class ride experience.
The M7 bar is our 35mm bar for the most aggressive and demanding riders. Carbon fiber is the ideal material for a gravity bar because fiber orientation and bar shape can be controlled independently and developed in unison, resulting in a tuned flex profile that cannot be achieved with aluminum. This bar is tuned to be precise and responsive, while absorbing fatigue-inducing chatter and taking the sting out of the biggest hits. Available in a 10mm, 25mm, or 40mm rise, the M7 bar features a trail-perfect 8˚ sweep and 4˚ tip for your long-travel 29er, enduro race bike, or downhill machine.

  • Shape     Low-Rise.
  • Material     Carbon.
  • Peso     245g.
  • Bar Width (Max)     800mm.
  • Bar Width (Min)     780mm.
  • Clamp Diameter     10mm.
  • Rise     40mm.
  • Sweep     8 Degrees.
  • Tip     4 Degrees.
  • Torque Spec: Face Plate .    5.5Nm.
  • Torque Spec: Controls     5.5Nm.
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