Enve M525 29 DT 240 CL Wheels

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Enve M525 29 DT 240 CL Wheels
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Enve M525 29 DT 240 CL Wheels

A purpose built XC wheelset without limitations. Light enough to race, strong enough to ride daily. Reduced fatigue and a more compliant ride through shape, laminate, and spoke-hole optimization. Carbon fiber is responsible for unlocking the potential of bigger and wider on mountain bikes. Today, riders can improve comfort, efficiency, and control by adapting their mountain bikes perfectly for the terrain and trails. Undoubtedly, this means they can go further and faster with more confidence. Compliment increased tire volume and rim width with a modern XC tread, and you’ve got an effective system, maximized for the up and down trail. The result is a purpose built full carbon fiber XC wheelset that is lighter, wider, and more vertically compliant without sacrificing strength or reliability. Additionally, the M525 features ENVE’s patent pending wide hookless beads that improve pinch flat resistance and allow riders to run modern light weight XC tires with a reduced risk of pinch flatting or impact damage.

  • Rim Depth: 25mm.
  • External Width: 33.5mm.
  • Internal Width: 25mm.
  • Hole Count: 24.
  • Effective Rim Diameter: 29" 608mm.
  • Recommended Tire Size: 2.1 in - 2.4 in.
  • Weight: 1371g.
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