Elite Direto X Trainer with Travel Block

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Elite Elite Direto X Trainer with Travel Block


Elite Direto X Trainer with Travel Block

Rider Elite Direto X with Travel Block was created to integrate an even more precise model of a product that, already in origin, was part of the Olympus of the most powerful and stable rollers that I could find on the market. In the Direto X the high precision of the data provided during training is given by the OTS (Optical Torque Sensor), the innovative integrated power meter able to detect the power delivered with greater precision than the Direto of ± 1, 5%. The greater the power of a roller, the greater the slope it will be able to simulate. This is why Direto X, more powerful than Direto, is able to simulate really important slopes, up to 18%. The ideal to offer even the most demanding cyclists the maximum in terms of power. If Direto was known to be one of the quietest bike rollers in its class, with Direto X we wanted to do more. This is why we have updated some key components of the internal mechanics of the roller so as to offer you the most silent of the indoor training experiences you can do. Incomparable noise levels, a perfect trainer for morning workouts and high-strength pedaling without worrying about neighbors. Stability is one of the strengths of this trainer. The wide, sturdy and solid roller legs ensure a wide support base giving you the possibility to adjust them according to the surface. The great stability of the bike on the trainer will allow you during training to release all the force on the pedals and to have freedom of movement in the saddle in total safety. No noise, no vibration, only the harmony of your pedaling.

  • Integrated power meter.
  • It develops an increased power to 2100 Watts with a speed of 40 km / h.
  • Silent, intuitive.
  • Maximum compatibility with both road and mountain bikes.
  • Maximum interactivity ANT + ™ FE-C and Bluetooth interactive trainers.
  • Pedaling analysis.
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