Assos Equipe RS Spring Fall S9 bib short - Black



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Assos Equipe RS Spring Fall S9 bib short - Black


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Assos Assos Equipe RS Spring Fall S9 bib short - Black


Assos Equipe RS Spring Fall S9 bib short - Black

It happens when you least expect it: the biting cold air on your thighs, groin area and buttocks hits you on the road, distracting you from pedaling. It marks the moment in which the shorts with summer suspenders are no longer warm enough, but we are not yet ready to wear tights. Here are the shorts with spring / autumn straps EQUIPE RS S9, suitable for cool rides in autumn and spring, when the shorts are a must but with a dose of comfort that warms the thighs and provides protection. Based on the EQUIPE RS S9 concept, these shorts with suspenders use the A-Lock Engineering system to support the shorts and ensure that they remain stable in the toughest riding conditions. The panels of the shorts with suspenders placed on the thighs are made with Osmos Heavy combed fabric, which represents an excellent addition to this concept. The latest addition to the family of combed fabrics and its two-in-one technical composition offers various advantages. The first is that the internal combed side is highly insulating, breathable and extremely soft when in contact with the skin. The outer knit side in the warp acts by protection, further supporting the leg muscles thanks to the compressive structure. Together, these two components of the fabric create a pleasant compressive seal on the legs, promoting circulation and making the heat uniform throughout. Since the front panel exposed to the wind is affected by the elements, we have applied our Ultra Sphere fabric in the twin-layer twin-decker structure to block the cold air in the groin area while maintaining breathability. For the pad, we have incorporated the tested EQUIPE RS for the race, without the kraterCooler ventilation holes, in the characteristic basaltic color, equipped with superAir microShock foam, top layer in 3D waffle, ASSOS exclusive goldenGate technology and horizontal stabilizer on the back.

  • A-Lock Engineering ™: S9 system composed of technologies and fabrics that work in harmony to provide stability to the shorts and keep the bottom in place.
  • Osmos Heavy: This knit fabric in warp is the main fabric of the shorts with suspenders and is also the heaviest of the Osmos combed fabric family (290 g / m2), characterized by asymmetrical elasticity and a soft and lasting structure. High levels of thermal insulation are given by the combed side in contact with the skin.
  • Sphere Ultra: used in the twinDeck two-layer structure used in the front panel of the groin area for additional thermal insulation. A patented double-layered, waterproof, windproof and highly breathable softshell fabric, with a taped polyurethane membrane to provide additional water repellency, to maximize thermal insulation but reduce bulk.
  • Weight: 150 g / m2; elasticity: bidirectional.
  • RollBar: a patented system, designed to offer support, which emulates the anti-roll bars of racing cars using the straps of the shoulder straps in order to stabilize the bottom and keep it in place whenever you face a curve by shifting your body weight from right to left.
  • ErgoBox: a construction with a square design that effectively frames the back in the back, embedding it for greater stability.
  • Butterfly design: the main fabric panel wraps entirely around the lower back and legs, then converging in the back. The presence of a reduced number of seams guarantees a more uniform hold, a lower weight and an improved comfort.
  • Xbib in carbon: a single section of elastic material, folded on itself, which forms an A-shaped support structure, which generates a limited vertical elasticity in the rear part. Just above the X Assos junction, it used a more flexible material, incorporating an antibacterial carbon fiber weave, to wipe away perspiration and ensure that it remains flat on the front. Ultra-light anti-slip system for the legs: a new structure consisting of a band on the Lycra leg that adheres to the thigh, without silicone treatment, to ensure a soft and ultra-light grip.
  • CASE EQUIPE RS (nokraterCooler): competition pad with elastic interface in three-dimensional basaltic colors, without the kraterCooler ventilation holes in the front part. SuperAir microShock foam: an ultralight foam with an open cellular structure and a composition capable of cushioning the blows and returning to the original position, filling the empty spaces every time you change position in the saddle by moving the weight.
  • 3D waffle: a patented three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.
  • GoldenGate: a patented technology that interrupts the seams along both side panels of the bottom, offering a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this delicate part subject to rotary movements.
  • Horizontal stabilizer: a patented central seam that fixes the back of the bottom to the outer fabric, consequently preventing it from moving every time you stand upright.
  • Color: Black Series.
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