Assos Assosoires cap winter - Black



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Assos Assosoires cap winter - Black



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Assos Assosoires cap winter - Black

When it comes to getting ready for racing in a very cold climate, the difference is in the details. For this, Assos has revised its winter hat, to create a product that keeps the head perfectly warm in the coldest days. To create it, a particular jersey has been used in synthetic and natural yarns to offer incomparable comfort and performance. Known with the name of LanaProppy, the natural yarn present in the weave of this accessory protects from the wind, while the synthetic fibers guarantee an optimal sweat elimination.
In addition, the fabric has been strategically doubled in key areas for impeccable protection without creating excessive volume. The new cut of this garment is ideal to wear under the helmet. Moreover, to improve the hat for winter racing, the ears and the back we used our warhorse for the winter: the medium weight fabric RX.

  • LanaProppy: main fabric in merino wool and polypropylene with properties that regulate perspiration. In addition to being incredibly soft on the skin, polypropylene offers an excellent push-pull effect, while the merino wool, when it is wet, acts as a barrier against the wind.
  • Push-pull: designed to react to intense perspiration and the consequent cooling effect called "push-pull", it is a regulator of the personal microclimate that pushes moisture towards the next or external layer to refresh it, then returning it inwards to create an insulating layer when the body cools.
  • Medium weight RX: panel made with mid-level softshell, used at the rear for optimized performance.
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