Axeon 2018 Trägerhose

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Axeon 2018 Trägerhose


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Ale Axeon 2018 Trägerhose


Axeon 2018 Trägerhose

The relax cycling shorts with 2h pad provides an optimal seating comfort. Equipped with ergonomic soft braces. Ideal cycling shorts for the most diverse type of riders.

  • Summer  → 16°.
  • The use of fabrics with carbon fibers shields the body from absorbing static energy and UV rays. The structure of the fabric accelerates evaporation of moisture keeping the skin dry and cool. It is antibacterial and inhibits the development of odor causing bacteria.
  • Advanced fibers and fabric construction blocking cold air or moisture to come in, but keeping high breathability. Fabrics with a unique construction which evaporates very quickly moisture from perspiration ensuring a dry and warm feeling.
  • Innovative microfibre fabric that ensures high performance, even under extreme conditions of use.
  • Garments designed to offer maximum comfort accommodating the widest variety of athletes.
  • 80% Polyester
  • 20% Elastane
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